Here are what photographers are saying about the various educational opportunities they have taken from Amii Wroblewski Photography:

From Shoot to Sale Workshop:

“Amii’s From  Shoot to Sale workshop was the information I needed to take my senior portrait business to the next level. The workshop is organized and focused on the aspects of running a successful senior portrait business. Amii spends time helping you build your social media presence and offers great ideas to really reach seniors. She teaches senior posing in a way that is easy to understand and that helps build your confidence while shooting a session. The critique that she offers during the posing week is worth the cost of the entire workshop. Amii wants nothing more than for you to become an amazing senior photographer. There is nothing she won’t share. She even teaches her clean and fast editing style. One of the most wonderful things I have implemented from her teaching is in-person sales. She goes over everything and shows an easy and systematic way to show your work and NOT be the SALESMAN. Amii’s approach to in-person ordering is perfect. I loved everything about this workshop, and recommend that anyone who wants to start seriously shooting seniors take it!”

-Dana Tate of Feels Like Today Photgraphy


“One of the best things I ever did for myself, my business & my family was to contact Amii. I was exhausted as a result of completely undervaluing myself & working way too hard for far too long. I needed help pricing myself appropriately but truly had no clue what changes needed to be made. The advice Amii gave made sense & was completely logical. She presented calculations based on actual numbers that applied to my current situation that were completely eye-opening then helped me to come up with a plan that would work for me. Amii is so brilliant in my eyes & took so much into account when figuring out a plan that would work for me…things I had never even thought of before. Amii’s recommendations are not a one size fits all answer she gives to everyone…she listens to each individual & finds recommendations that are unique to each person’s situation. I was so scared to make the changes she recommended & looking back I am SO grateful that I gave it a shot because I am in a much better place now. Thank you Amii!”

-Kelly Garvey of Kelly Garvey Photography

“I felt so fortunate to have met Amii at a time when I was first starting my photography business. She and I worked through my pricing so that I was not only profitable, but her structured pricing strategies has allowed me to shoot less and make more. I am able to dedicate more time to each client, and give them my 100% because she essentially taught me how to run a boutique photography business. Honestly, the money I spent for her to mentor me has probably paid me back 50x and more. She is so worth it!”

-Ling Harris of Ling Wang Photography

“Amii is a true business genius. Whether you have a digital or print model, Amii will help you see your TRUE costs so you can see what it will take to make yourself profitable. Before my session with Amii, my average sale was around $350 and I very rarely sold a collection. Amii helped me structure my collections to sell what I want to sell and what my clients want to have. My average sale now is close to $1200 and going up each year! Since my mentoring session with Amii my revenues have quadrupled while still taking the same number of sessions. That means the same amount work with more money in my pocket, so more time with my family! My session with Amii is some of the best money I’ve ever spent on my business!”

-Mandy Haber of Mandy Haber Photography

“When first starting my photography business, I booked a mentoring session with Amii. She is an excellent mentor and an amazing teacher. Pricing seems to be difficult for everyone … Amii breaks it down to its basics and helps you understand the “why” and “how” of pricing without just pulling numbers out of the air. I left with a firm understanding of my cost of doing business and how that figures into pricing for profit. Amii is also amazingly generous with her time and knowledge and really gives you the feeling that she wants you to succeed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, and consider her a valuable investment in my business!”

-Marianne Sabrier of Photography by Marianne Hawkins Sabrier

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