Phone/Skype Mentoring

My most popular mentoring option is back and better than ever!!!  Phone mentoring is a 1-on-1 session via phone/skype that is perfect for those that might be limited on time and/or prefer to chat “live”.  Phone mentoring has a 2 hour minimum purchase and is $100 per hour.


Phone mentoring is perfect for those that want help with marketing, general business, talking through the in-person sales process, etc.  This is also the only mentoring option I offer that allows you to receive help on your pricing.

Pricing is very personal and unique to each business and it also requires a bit of pre-planning on both your part and mine.  Price mentoring is broken up into two separate hours.  See below for details on how the phone mentoring works for pricing:

-Questionnaire:  You will need to get out your thinking cap and put in a lot of thought when answering this questionnaire since this will be the foundation from which we work from when we schedule your first hour of mentoring.  Once you email back the completed questionnaire, we will schedule the first half of your two-hour mentoring.

-First hour:  This is when we go over the details of the questionnaire, take a look at what your sales average should be per client based on your individual business needs, figure up what your salary/wage should be, etc.  We will then discuss your business model and what pricing model would work best for you.  You will have “homework” where you will develop a (or revise your current) price list based on our mentoring.  Once you have emailed me your price list, we will schedule the second half of your two-hour mentoring.

-Second hour:  This session will be all about your actual price list.  I will be able to help you further refine your pricing, give you feedback on how to organize it, help you figure out what you truly want to sell, and help you develop collections that make sense for both the client and for you.  You will walk away with a price list that will help you meet your sales goals, become profitable over time, and pay yourself (hard work will be ahead of you but a price list that makes business sense will help you get there in no time!).

Price:  $100/hour (2-hour minimum purchase)

Space is limited is limited each month!


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