Summer is…a sunset!

It’s been a little quiet on the blog-front since we took a little (or big!) impromptu trip to my parents’ new lake house they just finished building.  What was sort of going to be a long weekend trip turned into 11 days of fun in the sun and water with a lot of hard work mixed in between to help get the new house in tip-top shape…we worked hard to play hard!

This is what the view looks like from the deck of the lake house every evening!  I’ve personally never seen a more beautiful sunset than those at the lake house, which is saying a lot since I’ve seen multiple sunsets in Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean!  We are so excited that my parents have built a place where we can visit without more than an hour and half drive from our house…and yet, it feels like vacation!  What a fun place for the boys to spend their summers!

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Summer is…the lake!

What is it about a body of water that is soul-soothing?  As long as I’m near water, I feel at peace and as if I am “home”.  We are so blessed to live a mile from the lake and enjoy it as if it were our own backyard.  Whether it’s having a picnic on the shore, skipping rocks, camping, riding our bikes, we seem to always be on or near the lake.  And this particular day, the boys enjoyed just playing in the “sand” at the shoreline.  It seems they have a special affinity for a body of water just like we do.

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