Mini Sessions are HERE!!

If you have followed me for any length of time, you will know that I really have never offered mini-sessions.  The main reason is because I really felt passionate about giving my senior girls the ultimate experience with a full session complete with professional hair + makeup, a pre-consultation to discuss what you would love to do for your senior session, a 2 hour on-location session anywhere within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, multiple outfit changes, an ordering session where you could view your 60+ unique images from your session, and well, you can see why offering a mini-session option was a dilemma for me!

But hey, when the time calls for it, I like to do something a little different so I’m super excited to announce that I will now be offering a mini-session option for my seniors!  Not only will this be an awesome option for senior girls but I think you moms of senior guys will love it too!  And if you are a photographer?  This is a PERFECT option to get your headshots updated!

Please visit the Mini-Session FAQ page to find out more details!

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