Arlington Heights HS | Paige

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Mine was wonderful: full of laughs, food, and lounging around!

Paige is a 2014 senior at Arlington Heights HS and such a beauty!  Her mom had told me she was quite the little style maven and when Paige sent me her outfit ideas before the shoot, I LOVED the bold colors, patterns and details!!  And seriously, her EYES!!!  Pretty certain I haven’t seen eyes like hers ever!!

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2nd Annual Giving Seniors Give-Away!!!!!

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To say I’m excited about this, is a HUGE understatement!

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Giving Seniors Give-Away!!!  Two years ago, I had it in my heart to reward a deserving senior in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by giving them an entirely free session based on essay nominations of their good deeds and giving nature.  So often in this world, we only hear of the “bad” and I wanted to celebrate those that put others before themselves.  This is the season of giving thanks and I would love to “thank” an amazing senior with a free senior session!

To nominate someone (and to view details/rules), click HERE.

Once you have nominated an amazing senior in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please read on to hear about the first year’s winner, Kristen Lee of Lucas Christian Academy!!  You can read the essay HERE that was submitted to nominate Kristen.  She is truly a remarkable young woman with an incredible talent for music and she uses that talent to give back to others!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Kristen and her mom, Lisa, from calling them to congratulate them on winning and through conversations on Facebook.  Also, you can read about Kristen (and Lisa) winning the Giving Senior Give-Away, their experience working with me, and what they thought of Kristen’s senior pictures.

Lee 4

From Kristen, the 2011 Giving Senior Give-Away Winner:

“I can’t believe it has been a year since I found out I had received this amazing surprise!  Since senior year can be expensive with numerous events, prom, etc., it was a blessing to receive this generous gift from Amii Wroblewski Photography.  Looking through her portfolio, my mom and I were shocked at the beautiful quality of her pictures.  From the very beginning, Amii was so friendly and truly excited about our upcoming session.  She was so helpful in giving me ideas of what to wear for the shoot. If I had any questions, she was more than willing to help. The day of the session was one of the best days I’ve had! We went to the location of the shoot to take the pictures.  It was really interesting to see the different places Amii had in mind. I really love how each of the places in my pictures looks unique.  The whole session was a blast and Amii was so sweet and encouraging when teaching me how to pose!  She made me laugh and talked to me which made everything very comfortable.  Amii is excellent at communication!  When you get to know someone, it is much easier to be yourself.  That is exactly how I felt during this whole experience!  I absolutely LOVED the results of the pictures.  It was such a blessing to receive such quality photos for FREE!  Every time a friend or family member sees the photos, they ask who took them and note how professional they look.  I’m so glad Amii does this contest.  I hope you decide to enter!  Even if you don’t win, DEFINITELY have Amii do your pictures.  Not only will the pictures turn out gorgeous, but you will be able to work with one of the sweetest, most encouraging ladies I have ever met!”

Lee 5

From Lisa, Kristen’s mom:

“Last year, my daughter, Kristen, had an unexpected surprise – she won a free senior portrait session for Amii’s 1st Annual Giving Senior Give-Away! A mother of one of her piano students entered Kristen in Amii’s contest, writing about Kristen’s leadership and her love for serving the children at a day center in Liepaja, Latvia. It was such a blessing to Kristen – to be picked to receive the “Giving Senior” contest, but also to be able to work with Amii Wroblewski. Amii is such a talented photographer – truly an artist! She spent a lot of time with Kristen, getting to know her before her photo shoot, giving her guidance on clothing selection and accessories, and creating a beautiful photo book and DVD that we will always cherish. We are so thankful for the experience and for the opportunity to get to know Amii Wroblewski!”

Lee 7

You may view more of Kristen’s senior images HERE.

To nominate someone (and to view details/rules), click HERE.

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Monday Musings | Why I do what I do

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to share on my blog since I have both senior clients and photographers that visit here.  While the goal is and always will be to share the gorgeous images of my clients (which I know is just as much appreciated by photographers as my seniors), sharing what might go into a session or how I plan for a shoot is just as relevant to both.  I personally love going to other blogs, whether they are photographer sites or not, and getting a glimpse of the inner-workings of a company or learn more about what their mission is.


With that said, I hope you will join me as I do just that.  I want everyone that comes to this blog to walk away knowing me a little bit better, possibly having learned something, and just feel refreshed!  I can’t say exactly where these posts will lead but I can say that when I post, it will because I felt it was worth sharing.

Today’s post, aside from what I wrote above, is about why I do what I do.  It’s one thing to be a photographer but it seems to be an entirely different thing to focus on one particular genre of photography.  I think it’s no surprise that I specialize in seniors…and not just seniors, I take it a step further and specialize in senior girls.  I think the big question I always get is “Why just seniors, and especially senior girls?”  Well, I think it’s because at one point in time, I was one of them so I can relate but more than that, I find seniors to be a bit of a challenge, photographically speaking.  Not because they aren’t photogenic (on the contrary) but because they are at a unique place in their life.


I distinctly remember what it felt like to be a senior girl in high school.  I always tell my clients’ parents that I love this specific age because they seem to walk this fine line between still being a child but teetering more towards being an adult.  It’s a curious place to be because most of us struggled with wanting to still being cared for and yet wanting to spread our wings (that pesky thing called “responsibility” seems to be why so many don’t rush straight towards adulthood…ha!).  It’s precisely at that point where I love photographing seniors!

It is for this reason why you see so many of my seniors with gorgeous smiles on their faces, looking like they don’t have a care in the world and yet so confident and poised, because I want their parents to remember that child of theirs despite the fact that their “baby” is growing up and moving on and I want my seniors to remember what a beautiful time this was in their life.  I love a good “serious face” like the rest of us but a smile transforms a person.  The eyes sparkle, their face beams, and there is just this inner beauty that seems to radiate from within.  So if you’ve seen my work and wonder why all of my clients look so darn happy, well, it’s because we are having a great time and they are happy!

Along with being happy, you might sense a bit of confidence from each of my clients’ images.  I get so many questions from photographers that ask “How do you make your clients looks so relaxed and confident?”  Most of that confidence is all them but I like to think a tiny portion comes from the fact that these girls are given the royal treatment.  I meet with all of my seniors in a consultation prior to scheduling their session and it’s during this time that we get a chance to get to know one another, talk about hair+makeup, and discuss outfits.  Every girl gets professional hair and makeup done right before their session and I can’t tell you how much these girls LOVE this.  Ever have a bad hair or makeup day and it just seemed to ruin your day?  Well, these girls walk into their session knowing their hair and makeup is gorgeous!  Pair that up with their own unique personality and you have a recipe for confidence!


Speaking of personality, it is extremely important for me to capture my clients’ personalities on camera.  And photographing something you can’t really see is quite a challenge unless you spend some time getting to know them.  I love chatting with my senior girls and learning about their interests, how their peers would describe them, what their personal style is, what extracurricular activities they are involved in, etc.  I take all of that information and tuck it away into my head to help me develop a session that is purely unique to them.  The magical part about all of this is watching the parents while they look at their daughter’s senior pictures during their ordering session and they proclaim “that is SO her!  You managed to get her personality in her pictures!”  My heart grows every time I hear that because that is my goal as a photographer!

My clients don’t fall off the face of the earth after I have delivered their images to them.  I love keeping in touch with them and seeing where their journey leads them.  Many of my first senior girls are getting ready to start their senior year in college and seeing where they are today is the coolest thing ever.  I have a past senior who had a huge passion for photography and is now working as an intern for a good friend of mine who is also a senior photographer.  I had a chance to meet up with another past client over the summer to shoot some images for her and she’s already proclaimed that I will shoot her future engagement pictures when that time comes (ha!).  Another of my seniors is on her way to being a pharmacist.  And the list goes on!  I hope that they look back on their senior pictures with fondness and then see how much they have accomplished since then.


Hopefully this has been insightful to you, whether you are a senior (or parent) or a photographer!  If you would like to see more posts like this, leave a comment.  Have something in particular you would like to see?  Shoot me an email at

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Kristy - October 1, 2013 - 6:07 pm

Thanks for sharing Amii! This was really helpful and fun to read!

Pam Korman - September 27, 2013 - 10:01 am

Hey Amii, I love the website update and this post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on why you do what you do. Your approach is exactly why you create such amazing images. And, why you are amazing too.

Heather N. - September 27, 2013 - 1:32 am

I love reading more about what you do and why!