Years ago when I was contemplating opening my photography business, I knew that I did not want to do it alone.  Opening a business can be scary, especially when you have no one else to talk about it with.  I sought out the help of a photographer that I admired and she kindly agreed to mentor me.  Being that she was located in Alaska, we corresponded via email where she patiently answered all of my questions, let me bounce ideas off her, brainstormed with me, and over all was my support system!  I knew that when I got my business off the ground running that I would love to be able to mentor others as Chelsey did so much for me!  I know that by seeking out a mentor, I shaved off years of work that many other photographers have to put into their business because they don’t have that support system to help propel them forward!

I have been mentoring for several years now but I am excited to offer a few new options.  You can now choose mentoring via email, phone/skype, and in-person!

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